Rights of a Human

A video by Nancy Volante

I am interested in investigating and asking questions that initiate conversation and provoke thought around human rights, belonging, identity and philosophy. Why? Because I believe through conversation we make deep connections, create community with insiders and outsiders, open hearts, and change perceptions. To me this is a way of blurring the lines between art and life creating a place of artistic self-expression using ones surroundings, natural abilities, and common people. For me this is theater in the moment, which I think can be heightened to create social and political change.  

Rights of a Human is a video that I did in my fourth semester at Goddard College. Rights of a Human weaves three different women’s stories and voices together to reflect human rights, a sense of belonging, and philosophies of life.  I investigate questions such as what life might look like with the help of outsiders in creating a sense of belonging, and whether perceptions hinder or embrace a sense of belonging.
I am intrigued by places that have history; places with an energy that bestow us a sense of transformation and edge that embraces a diverse existence, thus fostering a sense of belonging and identity. I do believe that voice furthers our integration of belonging because when we are heard we feel a sense of belonging no matter how transient the situations.
Rights of a Human
By Nancy Volante
"It’s me yea me
My right your right
Everyone’s right
Be you be me
Yea, it’s everyone’s right
For what?
I’ll tell you
A pillow to rest your head
To dream about tomorrow"