A video by Nancy Volante

I am fascinated and passionate in how everyday tasks engage people’s memory, lineage, culture and lifestyles. Through talking with people about the art/ritual or task of doing laundry, I discovered how this everyday ritual changes through generations, and trends. Even though the way we do everyday tasks changes through the years, the memories live on for people of every age to reflect, engage and subsequently transform their life and others.

I have always had a contradiction around laundry, which goes back many years. I personally find it hard to incorporate laundry into my life as a ritual. Instead, I incorporate the task of laundry as a chore. So I embarked on a journey from Ridgefield Connecticut, to a small town in Katonah, New York, to the North Shore and North End in Boston, MA. Collective was the outcome of this inquiry about the everyday task or ritual of doing laundry.

I specifically choreographed the questions below before I had conversations with the people in Collective: How does laundry inform our culture? What are your childhood memories of laundry and how did those memories shape your values?