First Aide

Photography by Nancy Volante

The Unknown of the Everyday

Photography by Nancy Volante

My belonging is to myself. I give to my family and friends. I learn as a teacher to be a student. I am called to stretch the people I build community with whether the place be a school, a community center, an art gallery, a busy city street, a dance studio, or natural environment. My art is life my life is art. I have deeply learned over the pass two and a half years that when I separate life and art I fall prey to the trickster that bestows suffering.

The Everyday in Union Square Park, NYC

Photographs by Nancy Volante: Green Market Union Square Park Ritual, NYC

As I walk through the Green Market in Union Square to shop or to take photographs, I deeply feel the need for conscious ritual in my life.

My passage of time and space as I get off the subway from Grand Central Station

Photography by Nancy Volante

I have noticed a familiar stranger at the corner of 125th and Madison, in Harlem. I walk down 125th at least three times a week to get on the subway, which takes me to the Bronx where I teach.

My Home

by Nancy Volante

My home is open to family and friends and connected to food and tea gatherings. My art practice and home are both place based as I continuously locate my exploration for other ecological, educational, and artistic projects. I seek self-expression, voice, collaboration and the creative process not only personally but also as a teacher in different communities.