Tune In You All

A video by Nancy Volante

“Working in the world, I've grown increasingly distressed. Especially in the last few years, things clearly are not going right. Good people are finding it increasingly difficult to do what they know is best. Whether we're in a small village or a major global corporation, in any country and in any type of work, we are being asked to work faster, more competitively, more selfishly, and to focus only on the short-term. These values cannot lead to anything healthy and sustainable, and they are alarmingly destructive.


A video by Nancy Volante

The video Voices was made in my third semester at Goddard College. I was at the same school PS 245X in the South Bronx, NY. I was working with the juniors and seniors. The residency was Improvisational Theatre and was connected to the English curriculum. I worked in collaboration with a wonderful English teacher, which truly made the residency successful.

Draw On: A Community-Based Project

Video by Nancy Volante in collaboration with the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

For my practicum project at Goddard College I chose to collaborate with the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. I made a short documentary video for the museum on their community-engaged project called Draw On.  I worked in partnership with Carolina Pedraza, head of Youth and Family Events.

Rights of a Human

A video by Nancy Volante

I am interested in investigating and asking questions that initiate conversation and provoke thought around human rights, belonging, identity and philosophy. Why? Because I believe through conversation we make deep connections, create community with insiders and outsiders, open hearts, and change perceptions. To me this is a way of blurring the lines between art and life creating a place of artistic self-expression using ones surroundings, natural abilities, and common people. For me this is theater in the moment, which I think can be heightened to create social and political change.  


A video by Nancy Volante

I am fascinated and passionate in how everyday tasks engage people’s memory, lineage, culture and lifestyles. Through talking with people about the art/ritual or task of doing laundry, I discovered how this everyday ritual changes through generations, and trends. Even though the way we do everyday tasks changes through the years, the memories live on for people of every age to reflect, engage and subsequently transform their life and others.